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Build a traditional German Gingerbread House (Lebkuchenhaus)


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For this reason I sing, and in thousand years, I will start again!


This is what she sang, and it is quite true. In 2007 it will be 20 years already - she chosen to leave us, by leaving only one note:



''Forgive me, the life is unbearable for me ''.

(''Pardonnez moi la vie m'est insupportable'')


Personally, I respect her choice. How many messages she gave us through her songs. We will never be tired of listening to her words, since she sings about all the essentials of life. Feelings that we face everyday - happiness, hope, misfortune and despair.

I had the chance to be near to her. Members of my family had a trade in Montmartre, where she lived . And I really can say: She was a "grande Dame". The capital letter " D ", like her name - Dalida.


A woman simple, generous, and very accessible, moreover I keep photographs of our very invaluable meetings. This is why she became a part of my daily life, and if you have the chance visit our bakery, you will be able to understand what I mean. I dedicated the walls with pictures to her and even here and there you can find some objects, she gave me. There is no day without we not listen to her songs. To my manner the bakery is a dedicated temple- for to honor and memory her.


She is our guardian angel!

Dalidas brother Orlando and Regis

Our love and dedication to Dalida is even noticed across the Atlantic. The brother of Dalida, Orlando himself, heard about "La Mie Matinale" and profit to visit us on a promotional tour for her new memorial CD.

Which joy the day of seeing Orlando crossing the step of our door, to see himself what he heard on France:

''a bakery become a temple to the memory of his sister"

I was able to have a coffee and even to take some photographs with him. It was a pure moment of happiness to be able to speak with the one who promised ''never not to drop Dalida in forgets!''

Thank you Orlando to bring her in the years 2000.

For all the things I did and for all I will do, accompanied by the sound of her voice, I will never betray my friendship to her!



I know where you live, I accompanied you to your last home. Me as an ordinary people, I will always testify my admiration for you, and after ... who know ........?

Thank you Dalida!!




(La Mie Matinale) , translated from the french original


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Dalida Raphael

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