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Q: What is a Stollen / Christstollen ?


A: The Stollen is one of the most famous Christmas delight of the world. It is actually the most exported cake from Germany. A Stollen is a type of fruit cake, made of flour, butter, sugar, yeast, milk, rum, candied lemon and orange peel.

Every family recipe has it own selected spice mix which is passed down from generation to generation.

During Christmas the Stollen is sold on Christmas markets in Germany.

Q: Christmas is not yet here, so why do you bake the Stollen now ?

A: A good Stollen  is like a wine, if he has the chance to get older, better he gets.

Q: What is the secret of the Stollen, why he taste so good?

A: Every Stollen baker has his secrets. Recipes vary and are developed over generations.

Our Stollen recipe has a over 50 years tradition. But it is not only this. A Stollen is baked traditionally during the time of the advent early December. After the process of baking, the fresh loaves are buttered two times and get a coat of sugar. Now the Stollen is sealed and the spices begin to develop their taste. The sealing is also the reason a Stollen can be stored and stay fresh for a long time.

Q: How long can I store a Stollen ?

A: Under a good conditions a minimum of 12 weeks.  We do not use any artificial preservatives or additives. You can freeze a Stollen, but its shure better to enjoy it fresh. Freezing may dry out the Stollen.

Q: What's about the form of the Stollen and why he has a white dress ?

A: The form of the Stollen represents the infant Jesus Christ wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Q: How long the Christstollen exist ?

A: The first Stollen was mentioned in old documents about 700 years ago, he has a interesting story.

You can find it here ->> History of Stollen.

Q:How I store a Stollen  at home ?

A: If you can resist not to taste, a Stollen is stored best at a temperature between 10-15° Celcius, once opened, wrap him good in aluminum, or even better he likes a metallic box.

Q: The icing - sugar turned yellow , what happened ?

A: This is normal, actually its a quality sign . A good Stollen is humid and the icing-sugar gets wet . We use best ingredients and NO conservatives or chemicals to prevents this. 

Tip !

Before serving give him a new white dress using icing sugar through a sieve.


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