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Build a Gingerbread House

Build a traditional German Gingerbread House (Lebkuchenhaus)


Preparation for Christmas

Halloween has not yet arrived, but the days already start to shorten. This means for us we have to t...




A little history of the Croissant



The manufacture of the Croissants lead us back to the year 1683, a time the Turks invaded the "Holy Roman Empire of German Nation" and the siege of Vienna was under way.


On July 14. of this same year, the great Turkish Vizier tried to penetrate in the city, but was not able to succeed. In order to occupy the Turkish armee planned to enter the Vienna by a trick, a great plan, except one variable they could not have expected - a baker by the name of Peter Wender.






In the night of August 26, 1683 the baker, who began his work heard suspect noises coming from the ground. He gave alarm and alerted the city army and soon they discovered that turk soldiers were occupied digging mines under the city walls and placing explosives within their tunnels. Once the city was alerted there plan failed and the turks had to flee.

In the honour of this rescue, the bakers Viennese decided to make a bread having the shape of the emblem of the Turkish flag (the crescent). On this time the croissant was made from a rich bread dough.




Actually the Croissant was not really known on France. This changed during the World Fair of 1889, where Viennese bakers took part.


Today, the typically Viennese Croissant disappeared, except in Austria. It was replaced since 1920 by the laminated Croissant and begun its victory across all borders - now known as the French Croissant.

The baker, the hero !

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